The Bicaz Gorge is a gorge in Romania, located in the north-east part of the country. The road that slices through the gorges is among Romania’s most spectacular. This stunning gorge has a part that is so narrow that it is known as "The Neck Of Hell."


The Danube Gorges, also known as The Danube Boilers. It's the place where the Danube passes through the Carpathian Mountains.


There are three natural sights in Bei Valley witch is part of Benusita-Nera Gorges National Park . Here is the Benusita waterfall , Bei Eye Lake and the Vaioaga waterfall . 

The first sight is Vaioaga waterfall . It's not very high but it has a strong flow and it's surrounded by huge boulders and dense forest. Typical for this National Park is the turquoise water colour which you can see in the small pool the waterfall forms. It's certainly a trademark of this area.


The gorges are formed by Bănița river which carved its way through the limestone wall in thousand of years. The gorges walls are 10 - 15 meters high. The shape of the walls are very interesting. They're not straight up .


It takes about 20 minutes to cross this short but spectacular gorges because it's only 300 meters long.


The gorges crossing starts pretty spectacular. You are surrounded by very high limestone walls, tens of meters high. The course of the Râmeț river, which formed these gorges, is filled with boulders. The further you go the boulders are larger. At the beginning the course of the Râmeț river is pretty wide, about 15 - 20 meters wide. 


It's a lot of fun and you can't get bored here , in this amazing 8 km long canyon . This track makes you use a lot techniques for going forward: through water, on rocks, climbing boulder, on cables, on ladders, through the forest. What a great mix! :) 

Stan's valley rockiness is superbly carved by water. In the photo above you can see how water carved a perfect funnel to release the water in a 10 meter fall. This track is amazing also because it lets you get really close to the most impressive sections, too see nature's work up close from the best possible angle.


The Seven Ladders Canyon is one of the accessible hikes in Brasov, Romania. Carved by the Șapte Scări Brook in the Piatra Mare mountains, it lies south of the Timișu village in the county of Brasov and is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the Piatra Mare Massif. There are seven waterfalls within the canyon, the tallest being 35 meters high. Each waterfall has a ladder leading up to the next one . The ladders are slippery because it’s wet from the waterfalls; however, the hand rails are solid.