The mine is on "Level 50” which is on 120 m deep from the surface. The private transport of the people is with buses on a 1250 m long tunnel to the entrance gate of the visiting base.





We are sitting in a lurking place in the wild forest and waiting/watching  the bears , wild boars .





The interesting thing about this phenomenon is that new mud volcanoes can appear while others disappear, as the gas easily migrates along the underground rock cracks.

Who wouldn’t like to be close to a volcano, to smell it, to touch it, to study it without putting his life in danger? Well, good news! Everybody can do this at the Mud Volcanoes from Buzau County. Even if, scientifically speaking, they are not real volcanoes, they are quite spectacular and naughty, splashing cold mud lava while flavouring the area with a prickly scent of sulphur .